ESTA is a love of beauty, detail and the magic quality of live music. Add a touch of grace and elegance to your solemnisation ceremony; a dash of class for your cocktails/canapés; or even a swash of swing and groove for your wedding banquet.
Solemnisation Ceremony

Classical string music – the timeless choice to elevate the graceful ambience of your wedding solemnisation. As our most popular type of engagement, our extensive experience allows us to consider every detail of your ceremony, from anticipation to celebration! A typical itinerary is as such (applicable to Christian/Catholic/Secular ceremonies):

  1. Reception / Guests to arrive (light classical)
  2. 1st March-in (popular: Canon in D)
  3. Signing of Register / Certificates (popular: Air by Bach)
  4. March-Out / Declaration (popular: She Loves You)
  5. Postlude / Photo-Taking (Pop / Jazz / Broadway)
  1. Salut d'Amour 2:59
  2. Canon in D 6:59
  3. Air on G 2:18
  4. She Loves You 2:24
  5. A Thousand Years 4:20
  6. Can't Help Falling In Love 2:32
Wedding Lunch / Dinner / Banquet

Our discerning clients often pick a string quartet (over a band with vocals, for e.g.) for its unobtrusive nature, allowing guests to partake in conversation with ease while enjoying their meals in a classy and elegant atmosphere. A typical itinerary would be as such:

  1. Cocktail Reception (light classical)
  2. 1st March-in + Cake Cutting (popular: Canon in D)
  3. Start of Lunch / Dinner
  4. 2nd March-In + Champagne Pouring (popular:New York, New York / Por Una Cabeza)
  5. Resumption of Lunch/Dinner

The sample itineraries presented above are for illustrative purposes only, and we will be able to personalise a performance itinerary that meets your event’s needs.

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